federation opt-in procedure

As announced every account that was not already following someone on has now had a domain block added for that instance. This makes interaction with an opt-in procedure.

If you want to unblock threads, the easiest process is the following:

  1. On, search for an existing profile and open it (e.g. or are likely to still exist)
  2. Click the ellipsis button (next to the follow button on the standard web interface), to reveal more options including “Unblock domain” (see screenshot below)
    A screenshot of the mastodon web interface showing the dialog that includes the 'unblock domain' option
  3. Select that option and you have now opted in to (i.e. you can follow people there and interact with their posts)
  4. To revert this at any time, open the same menu and peruse the “Block domain” action

Please note: as of 26.06.2024 is not fully federated. They do not support all features yet (or have not activated them everywhere). E.g. people on cannot follow accounts in the fediverse yet.

For any question or problems, please contact