Hello everyone!

Black and white banner featuring two children and flowers.
Above: Our fight is for the life
Below: I hate your war
Above: Our fight is for the life. Below: I hate your war. Taken in Bogotá, October 2020. Photo taken by Isaura Castelao-Huerta.

As a Kurdish scholar, who did his PhD in Colombia and is currently working in Mexico, I will be talking about the issues of contemporary academia from an underrepresented perspective since some problems that I identify are different from those experienced by most scholars working in the so-called ‘Global North’. I will also try to write some blog posts in Spanish, especially about what is happening in West Asia (I try to avoid using the term ‘Middle East’ because of the obvious Eurocentrism, but it is not an easy job). This will not be a jolly blog since I work on political violence, but I will try to make it interesting. Meanwhile you can also check out my old posts or academic texts.



4 responses to “Hello everyone!”

  1. rupture-de-catenaire Avatar


    Welcome on board! What I wished for comes true: This blog is not confined to physics, chemistry, biology!

    1. serhattutkal Avatar

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome! This is a great initiative, I hope that there will be bloggers from a variety of disciplines.

  2. Jana Avatar

    Hello Serhat, congratulations on your new home for your blog. I think this is a much better place than Substack. I came across one of your posts on Mastodon and then read your blog post about peer review discussions on Substack. I really like your writing and your deep insights. I look forward to your blog posts here whenever you find time (no pressure 😉

    1. serhattutkal Avatar

      Hello Jana! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I agree that this is a much better place than Substack, and I hope that I will be able to stay motivated and regularly write on the blog.

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