Welcome to The Updated Scholar!

Welcome to the new version of my blog The Updated Scholar, previously hosted by blogspot.

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This blog exists mostly for me, and perhaps also as a service for the community interested, via web search or likewise, in one of the topics I write about in logic, type theory, program semantics, category theory, and so on. For me, it is a discipline to keep me reading, and appreciating, new and older papers and books in the literature. Every week I look at the Update service of Google Scholar, which offers personalised recommendations of new literature ‘trained’ on my papers. I then look at the citations in those paper to pull out an older paper cited by multiple papers in my recommendations. In this way, I get a sense of the most important older work that underlies the relevant work of today. I then try to read these works (not always possible in detail in reasonable time if it is a multi-volume book or piece of software!) and write a few paragraphs about it as a blog post.

The good people at the Mastodon instance Fediscience.org are hosting this blog. Fediscience.org is an instance focused on working scientists, run by Frank Sonntag. If you’d like to follow me there, here I am, and if you’d like to the other blogs I share this space with, see here. Many thanks to Frank for setting this up for the community.

The remainder of this post are links to my writings on my old blog site. If you click back far enough you’ll find the earliest version of my blog focused on new literature, but I eventually decided that the older literature was more consistently satisfying and fun to write about, so I’ll only link to that material:



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